Throne King’ Toilet and Bidet

We have recently seen a spike in the number of bidet installs over the past month across Perth and later this week we’ll be installing this toilet/bidet combo, appropriately named the ‘Throne King’.

This is the Rolls-Royce when it comes to toilets and bidets. This hi-tech toilet features include:

  • Hi-tech wireless remote: Control your toilet with a wireless remote
  • Auto open/close seat toilet
  • Night light: night light inbuilt into the toilet designed to light up the bowl to make it easier using the toilet during the night
  • Heated seat: warm seat on the toilet
  • Water jet: three speed water jet on toilet
  • Tornado flush
  • Warm air dryer: toilet has an inbuilt warn dryer
  • Auto flush: no need to touch a flush button on the toilet with auto flush
  • Super water saver: water saving toilet

What else could you need in a toilet? If you’re looking for a toilet or bidet installation or a toilet and bidet combination install in Perth you can get in contact with us on 0404 214 214.